Our History

Join us on this journey to drive a sustainable and efficient future in land transportation!



The concept behind Eco Eolic Top System originated from the deep concern of its founders, Abdon Estefan and Mauricio Vargas, regarding the detrimental effects of road freight transport vehicles on the environment and the financial sustainability of transport companies.

Abdon and Mauricio, both accomplished entrepreneurs and industry experts, recognized the crucial role of truck aerodynamics in fuel consumption, emissions of harmful gases, and the financial strain placed on companies.

Motivated by this, they embarked on an extensive research and development journey to explore the potential of wind energy in enhancing the energy efficiency of trucks. After years of dedicated efforts, they successfully patented the cutting-edge technology known as Eco Eolic Top Systems. This innovative solution combines the power of wind energy with advanced aerodynamics, enabling the generation of lift in both land and sea transportation. As a result, it significantly improves energy efficiency and effectively reduces emissions, marking a remarkable achievement in sustainable transport industry.

Through the implementation of this outstanding technology, Abdon Estefan and Mauricio Vargas aim to make a meaningful impact on both the sustainability of the transportation industry and the financial well-being of companies. By enhancing energy efficiency and reducing emissions, their goal is to create a win-win situation where businesses can thrive economically while minimizing their environmental footprint. With their innovative approach, they are dedicated to promoting a more sustainable and responsible future for the land and sea transport field.

Today, Eco Eolic Top Systems stands as a trailblazing company at the forefront of sustainable transportation technologies. Its renowned patented technology is celebrated globally for its exceptional capability to curtail fuel consumption and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. The company persists in its pursuit of innovation, forging ahead to create unique solutions that combat climate change and foster the sustainability of the transportation industry.