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run and save tecnologia de aerodynamic sostenible



Run&Save is a rooftop device for trucks. It can be easily installed on existing vehicles, while for new vehicles, it will be integrated into body truck.

Existing Vehicles

Top installation.

New Vehicles



The system captures the airflow from the front as the vehicle moves, generating a lift effect that optimizes the vehicle’s aerodynamics and reduces cargo weight.

The outcome is a substantial decrease in fuel consumption and gas emissions. Furthermore, the system is equipped with an advanced Artificial Intelligence system that dynamically regulates air intake and adapts to road conditions in real time, prioritizing safety at all times.

The system continuously adjusts to various factors such as route conditions, wind and weather, ensuring the driver remains free from distractions and can focus on the most important task: operating the truck.

camion con tecnologia run and save

In summary, Eco Eolic Top Systems has introduced a groundbreaking and highly efficient system that leads to a substantial reduction in fuel consumption for road freight transport. With its meticulous design tailored to industry requirements, this invention signifies a remarkable technological leap, promoting sustainability and enhancing efficiency in the transportation industry.