Our Technology

Join us on this journey to drive a sustainable and efficient future in land transportation!
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Our breakthrough technology is a true game-changer in the land and maritime transportation industry. By ingeniously merging wind and aeronautical energy, we have developed a system that optimizes vehicle aerodynamics and minimizes cargo weight during transit, resulting in enhanced energy efficiency and a significant reduction in harmful gas emissions.

The initial implementation of Eco Eolic Top Systems’ technology takes place in the road freight transport sector, specifically through the application of the Run&Save system.

Run&Save is a device installed on the vehicle’s rooftop that steers wind´s impact, generating lift and improving aerodynamics and energy efficiency. This innovative system effectively reduces cargo weight, enhances fuel consumption efficiency, and extends the lifespan of crucial vehicle components such as brakes, engine, and tires.

Designed meticulously and tailored to meet industry requirements, this device represents a technological milestone, revolutionizing sustainability and efficiency in road transportation.

Eco Eolic Top Systems is committed to continuing developing new solutions to improve energy efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint.