Spanish startup aiming to revolutionize the transportation industry


Eco Eolic Top Systems, the innovative Spanish startup, is set to disrupt the transportation industry with its groundbreaking use of wind energy. By harnessing the power of wind, the company achieves remarkable fuel savings of up to 25%, offering a sustainable and cost-effective solution for the industry.

Eco Eolic Top Systems has developed a device that can be installed in trucks in less than an hour, enabling them to save up to 25% on fuel during their journeys. This Spanish company utilizes wind energy like never before in mobility, thanks to its Run&Save system.

Currently, electrification and sustainable fuels seem to be primarily focused on cars, with little progress seen in heavier vehicles such as trucks towards future mobility. However, Eco Eolic Top System, a Spanish startup founded by Abdon Estefan and Mauricio Vargas, aims to address this issue.

The company leverages wind energy to power heavy-duty trucks, applying aerospace technology to the realm of mobility. According to ABC, this innovative approach has the potential to revolutionize the transportation industry.

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