Trucks That Operate Like Airplanes


The groundbreaking solution is a device that can be installed to trucks, harnessing the power of wind energy to reduce their load, employing a mechanism similar to the aerodynamic lift utilized by airplanes.

Sticking your hand out of the car window and feeling the force of the wind hitting it. Yes, we’ve all done it at some point. It’s such an innocent movement that no one had stopped to think that behind it could be the next revolution in the world of logistics. Until now. Abdon Estefan and Mauricio Vargas, two Colombian engineers with Spanish citizenship, have developed a prototype that harnesses all that wind energy to reduce the weight of truck loads. According to their calculations, they can achieve fuel savings of up to 25%. If everything goes as planned, their device will start being commercialized in early 2023 in Spain and Canada…

The idea came about when reflecting on how airplanes work. “They simply encounter a mass of air, and the one that goes over it has to go faster than the one that goes underneath, providing lift to the plane,” says Estefan, CEO of the company called Eco Eolic Top System, in conversation with this newspaper. “From there, we started having ideas and realized that all land and sea transportation encounter a mass of air, but they don’t harness that wind energy. That’s where the idea was born.” That was back in 2016, and since then, they have been working on this model, called Run&Save.

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