Trucks with Wings: A Revolutionary Concept in land transportation


A Spanish startup has patented a device that harnesses the wind energy generated by the vehicle to achieve fuel savings of up to 25%.

The uniqueness of the project by the Spanish startup Eco Eolic Top System lies in harnessing wind energy in a previously unexplored domain: trucks. It all started when Abdon Estefan had the idea while sticking his hand out of the car window and feeling it lift up in the wind. He shared this idea with Mauricio Vargas, marking their first collaborative scientific project. Both individuals bring extensive and diverse professional experience to the table. “When there is a mass of air, you generate energy,” explains Estefan. Based on this concept, they began designing a prototype that utilizes the wind energy to reduce the weight of truck cargo. According to their calculations, this innovation can achieve fuel savings of up to 25% when traveling at speeds between 80 and 120 km/h.

This mechanism, named ‘Run&Save,’ consists of two components. Firstly, there is a physical device installed on the top of the vehicles, resembling a spoiler, which reduces the aerodynamic load on the truck. Secondly, there is the software component that employs artificial intelligence to analyze the aerodynamic flow.

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