The Spanish invention that will make trucks fly.


“The Spanish innovation that will make trucks ‘fly’: ‘By using these wings, it can minimize the environmental impact and decrease the cargo weight.’ Eco Eolic Top Systems aims to revolutionize the freight transportation industry with its wind-powered system that reduces air resistance.”

Madrid – The conquest of the sky is a historical dream. Icarus escaped from Crete thanks to the wings made by his father. But beyond mythology, Leonardo da Vinci conceived the flying screw at the end of the 15th century. Considered as the first prototype of a helicopter in history, he never managed to create it in a functional form. Following this sketch, other “machines” such as the hot air balloon and the airplane would come.

In 1903, according to the International Aeronautical Federation, the Wright brothers made the first flight in history. Just over a meter and a half off the ground, those motorized seconds initiated the aeronautical race, which even had a key stage in Spain when Juan de la Cierva developed the autogyro. But can trucks fly one day?

For Abdon Estefan, the answer is yes. “Airplanes fly because the air passing over the wing must travel a longer distance than the lower part. This physical principle causes a decrease in pressure as the airspeed increases,” explains the CEO of Eco Eolic Top Systems. This company, founded in 2018, aims to revolutionize the freight transportation market. “When a truck is traveling at 80 km/h, the same thing happens; a portion of the air passes over it,” he elaborates.