They want to make trucks “fly”

innovando el futuro del transporte sostenible

INNOVATION Two Spanish engineers came up with the idea of lightening transport vehicles through the lift generated by the air. The result is substantial fuel savings. Sticking one’s hand out of a car window while traveling at high speed and feeling how easily it “takes flight” is an experience many people have had. It was […]

eAwards Spain Finalists

nuestra innovación ecoeolictopsystem

INNOVATION Achieving an effective reduction in truck fuel expenses. The first  finalists of the 21st edition of the eAwards Spain organized by NTT Data Foundation. The first finalists of the 21st edition of the eAwards Spain, organized by NTT Data Foundation, are the startups Chiara and Eco Eolic Top Systems. Eco Eolic Top Systems has […]

Spanish startup aiming to revolutionize the transportation industry

transporte aerodinamico sostenible

INNOVATION Eco Eolic Top Systems, the innovative Spanish startup, is set to disrupt the transportation industry with its groundbreaking use of wind energy. By harnessing the power of wind, the company achieves remarkable fuel savings of up to 25%, offering a sustainable and cost-effective solution for the industry. Eco Eolic Top Systems has developed a […]

Wind energy that reduces fuel consumption up to  25%

desarrollo sostenible en las vias

INNOVATION Eco Eolic Top Systems implements a device that harnesses the kinetic energy from the vehicle’s movement to lighten the weight of the load during the journey. Trucks with ‘wings’: wind energy that reduces fuel costs in road transportation up to 25%. Eco Eolic Top Systems implements a device that harnesses the kinetic energy from […]

The Spanish invention that will make trucks fly.

desarrollando el transporte del futuro sostenible

INNOVATION “The Spanish innovation that will make trucks ‘fly’: ‘By using these wings, it can minimize the environmental impact and decrease the cargo weight.’ Eco Eolic Top Systems aims to revolutionize the freight transportation industry with its wind-powered system that reduces air resistance.” Madrid – The conquest of the sky is a historical dream. Icarus […]

Trucks That Operate Like Airplanes

innovación tecnologias del futuro ecoeolictopsystem

INNOVATION The groundbreaking solution is a device that can be installed to trucks, harnessing the power of wind energy to reduce their load, employing a mechanism similar to the aerodynamic lift utilized by airplanes. Sticking your hand out of the car window and feeling the force of the wind hitting it. Yes, we’ve all done […]

Trucks with Wings: A Revolutionary Concept in land transportation

run and save tecnologia de aerodynamic sostenible

INNOVATION A Spanish startup has patented a device that harnesses the wind energy generated by the vehicle to achieve fuel savings of up to 25%. The uniqueness of the project by the Spanish startup Eco Eolic Top System lies in harnessing wind energy in a previously unexplored domain: trucks. It all started when Abdon Estefan […]